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    Florentis offers services in custom synthesis, asymmetric synthesis, process development, analytical services and reference standards of drug intermediates, APIs, impurities and metabolites.

Florentis’s business model includes FTE, PO and FFS based cost structures.

Full Time Equivalent (FTE) Projects

FTE projects at Florentis are conducted by Ph.D. scientists working full time on the project at the bench and generally involve more complex or longer-term projects. Typically, the compounds being synthesized may not have any literature known procedures. Scientists may need to design and develop the synthetic route before the experiments are carried out on the bench. FTE projects are usually invoiced on a monthly basis at a set FTE rate.

Purchase Order (PO) Projects

Custom Synthesis involves preparation of amounts of compounds that have already been described in either the public or proprietary literature and for which synthetic procedures are available. In certain cases, closely related unpublished analogs may also be agreeable to this approach. Purchase Order projects are invoiced and paid as per the mutually agreed terms.

Fee For service (FFS) Projects

FFS projects involve synthetic procedure optimization, support for scale-up (up to Kilo gram), preparative column chromatography, etc. These projects also involve analytical services such as HPLC, GC, LCMS, etc. provided by Florentis for its clients.
Moreover, Florentis is open to discuss the pricing structure and is flexible to meet the needs of its clients.